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Our purpose is to build structures that matter
together, for people who do too.

We’re specialist fabricators of heavy and complex structural steel.
We collaboratively build structures, from design optimisation through to
installation, that benefit many Australians.

What Sets Us Apart

In an increasingly competitive and high-stakes infrastructure game, you need a bidding edge. And the bidding edge comes from working with a specialist in heavy and complex steel fabrication who will partner with you — not just take your order: Bowhill Engineering. Clients who work with us win before they start. Here’s why…

Our People


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SA owned,
family business



Jeremy Hawkes

Managing Director

“I grew up in Bowhill and joined the family business straight out of high school – that was 30 years ago. Since then it’s grown a huge amount and we’ve been lucky enough to contribute to some high profile and exciting projects both in SA and nationally.

My job is building the business’s reputation and taking full responsibility for all our operations, but just as important is taking full responsibility for all our staff. At the heart of it we’re a people business, so my role is to bring out the best in our staff so we can uncover novel ways of solving some of the industry’s most difficult challenges.

I’m also passionate about supporting the local region and think this is our responsibility too. So we hire locally and involve ourselves with most community groups in Bowhill and beyond.

I honestly believe the biggest success I’ve been associated with is my rare combination of being able to enjoy the great lifestyle and spirit of unity from living in rural South Australia, a friendly and open work culture and a highly rewarding professional career – and I hope it continues for another 30 years.”


  • Business Development
  • Strategic Relationships
  • People & Culture
  • Design & Construct
  • Strategy
  • Financial Performance

Jodie Hawkes

CFO, Company Secretary

“I started at Bowhill back in 2002 after working in accounting for a number of years.

You would probably describe me as ridiculously organised and a little OCD, because I love getting the job done and I’m obsessed with staying focused to ensure all goals and objectives are met.

My favourite parts of the job are making new innovations happen without too much red tape, and seeing staff evolve from “just doing” their work to making a huge contribution.

My favourite project by far is building ferries, built by locals for locals.

My strengths as CFO lie in systemising tasks, creating policies and procedures and getting new innovations implemented. Despite working in construction for 15 years now I’m still on a steep learning curve, but what I do learn, I convert to work instructions, to help the next generation coming through.

Outside of work I’m all about having adventures with the 4 kids and volunteering in our community.”


  • Strategy
  • Financial Performance
  • People & Culture
  • Compliance
  • Business Development

Tom Dennis

Production Manager

“I worked as a boilermaker for 12 years in the Barossa before joining Bowhill back in 2012.

I’m all about getting the job done and love to be hands-on with my projects. As a Manager it’s my role to get the team on board and working as effectively as possible, helping them find productivity improvements and work together to innovate and get the job done even better than we thought possible.

My favourite project would have to be Canberra Bridge because it was the first one I tackled when I took on my leadership role but the Darlington extension is special too cause of the amount of input I had.

I love the people and projects I work on, plus the location – Bowhill’s a great place to spend time with family and, when I get the chance, the hunting and fishing is great too.”


  • Design & Construct
  • Tendering
  • People & Culture
  • Production Planning & Scheduling
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Compliance

David Holland

Project Coordinator

“I joined Bowhill straight after finishing my Mechanical Engineering degree in 2015.

I was attracted by Bowhill’s involvement in projects that benefit local communities and wanted to be a part of a team that helps make a difference. My role as a Project Coordinator is making sure everything runs smoothly and on time and budget – it takes a lot of organisation and requires a really methodical approach.

My favourite part of working for Bowhill is definitely the team – it’s full of great local people who are all really easy going and welcoming.

When I’m not working I love my basketball and I’ve recently spent time skiing in Japan and Canada – not too much snow out at Bowhill I’m afraid!”


  • Project Coordination
  • Procurement
  • Logistics Planning
  • Compliance

Mark Graham

Quality Representative

“I returned to Bowhill Engineering in 2017 to help strengthen the quality control & inspection of the Production & Surface Treatment aspects of each project.  Having over 20+ years industry experience this is a chance for me to add an independent auditing eye (which is what our clients require) but at the same time mentor and coach apprentices & staff and work at simplifying & improving processes.

The Paint Inspection and Welding Supervision role can be tricky as there are extreme and varying requirements surrounding the reporting and inspection of different projects. Each project brings with it a new and exciting challenge and the chance to pass on some of my knowledge and experience many of the younger staff.

I like to keep myself busy outside of work, riding my motorbike, travel and enjoying time with family & friends on the river at my shack at Caloote.”


  • Technical Compliance
  • Welding Supervisor
  • NACE Coating Inspector Paint – level 1

Reece Cockshell

Project Assistant

I came to Bowhill Engineering in 2019 with 7+ years in managerial experience in an unrelated indstry, I was looking for a challenge and opportunities for growth.

My role is centered around working with clients and their requirements, getting a project up & running; drawing & file management, procurement & material traceability.  I firmly believe in delivering a product that we can put our name to, so that the client can be assured that they made the right choice.  This gives me a great deal of satisfaction and I love telling my family and friends about all the exciting projects that we get to work on.  My strengths in the role are being able to communicate clearly and multi-task.

Out of work, I enjoy travelling on my motorbike, gardening and spending time with my daughters.


  • Drawing & Project File Management
  • Nesting
  • Full Material Traceability
  • Logistics planning

Vicki Hein

Project Assistant

“I’ve been with Bowhill since 2012 and before that worked with Telstra and as a tour guide in the Rocky Mountains.

My role is primarily making sure we meet our documentation requirements of high specification projects and assisting with everything administrative on complex projects. It takes some serious multitasking skills and the ability to learn quickly and just get the job done. I support the Project Managers to help them focus on bigger picture priorities, help them work on “what only they can do”. My role is to ensure that systems & procedures are structured to enable the whole team to handle incoming and outgoing information with the utmost professionalism.

Wayville Bridge is definitely my favourite project because it gives you a bit of a buzz to be able to point to something so unique and iconic and know you helped create it.

When I’m not working I’m usually either water-skiing or horse riding.”


  • Project Setup
  • Project Checklists
  • Project Completion including MDR Compilation

Demi Marston

Project Assistant

I started my career at Bowhill Engineering in 2017 as a Trainee Receptionist before I moved into the Project Office late 2018 as one of the Project Assistants. I have had to learn quickly in this role and develop an understanding of ‘what, how & when’. There is something new to learn every day; whether its project related, systems & procedures or a new addition on our project database. This job certainly keeps me on my toes but I enjoy the challenge.

Boweng has a great feel – everyone is treated as family. We all work together as a team to produce the best outcome that we can be proud of. I believe we have certainly shown this in our work on many bridges that we have constructed – Darlington, Flinders Link & R2P; to name a few.

I love living on the farm, so when I’m not working, you’ll usually catch me out in the horse paddock doing something in the dirt, while my partner is out in his tractor seeding or harvesting.


  • Project Setup
  • Material Certifications
  • Project Completion including MDR Compilation

Rod Koza

Accounts Coordinator

Although new to Boweng in 2021, I’ve an extensive 40+ years work history.

I’m a logical thinker and can pull from my vast experience in Accounting & IT.

I love the family atmostphere and being able to live & work at Bowhill on the River Murray.
I’m proud of the professional attititude of the staff and enjoy the celebration of achievements, success and personal events.

When not at work, I enjoy the summer water sports & socialising at my Bowhill shack.
I also am passionate about footy and catching up with mates.


  • Accounts Payable & Receivables to BAS
  • Orders & Logistics
  • Systems & Innovation

Samantha Krollig

HR Coordinator

“I’ve been with Bowhill for 10 years and my job is to basically keep everyone happy!

My biggest strength is having a great eye for knowing how the workforce is feeling and bridging the gap between management expectations and employee requirements. I’m really proud of the unique family atmosphere we’ve been able to build and I love working with a great group of people who all get along well.

My favourite Bowhill project is Wayville Bridge; my boys call it “Mums Bridge”. Not only does it look fantastic but being in our home state it is something to be proud of and show friends, and when people ask what we build they know this bridge and say wow, we didn’t know you built stuff like that! Travelling with the team to the opening was an amazing experience as well, seeing the end project was extremely satisfying and humbling to know that as a group we achieved this amazing result.

My home life is all about spending time with family and friends, following kids sports locally and supporting my local community.”


  • HR Coordinator
  • Payroll
  • WHS Coordinator (Contractor Inductions, SWMS, licensing and regulatory requirements)

Ebony Kowalick

Administration Assistant

I’m one of the newest faces here at Bowhill Engineering. I’ve worked in the telecommunications industry for the last 4 years so this is a big change of scenery for me, but I love a challenge and the

My Boweng journey started in 2018, I was searching for a new career that would help me to grow professionally while supporting my personal goals too. Which I was lucky enough to find!

I started as a trainee receptionist and after completing my TAFE studies moved into an administration assistant role. Supporting the HR coordinator in both internal and external training requirements and driving the inhouse Performance Appraisal process. This allows me to help my colleagues achieve their goals, a new process or skill, which is something I really enjoy.

Something that drew me to Bowhill Engineering was the reputation within the local community and beyond. Working somewhere that puts heart and soul into every project big or small with people who are passionate about what they do is a great feeling, I’m very happy to be part of the team.

When I’m not working I’m spending time at home with my partner and our beloved dog or we’re off exploring parts of Australia in our 4WD, motorbikes or dinghy with mates.


  • Reception & Clerical
  • Human Resources
  • Continuous Improvement

Cheyenne Gladigau

Trainee Receptionist

I came to Bowhill Engineering because of the positive effect they have on the community, the kindness of being a part of the big Boweng Family.  I was initially surprised about the range of projects that Boweng has been involved in, seeing all the things we build is amazing.  My strengths are that I love being organsised and getting the job done, nothing is a hassle, I’m glad to be of help.  Outside of work I love exploring new places and spending time travelling, especially with my family & friends.


  • Reception & Clerical
  • People & Culture
  • Data Entry
  • Support Admin Team

Mark ‘Gino’ Walker

Workshop Team Leader

I contacted Bowhill Engineering the when looking for work, I had heard good things about them.  I was firstly employed back in 2018 as part of the Fabrication Team (Metal Fabricator), moved up to Workshop Team Leader in 2020.  I am enjoying the  friendly workplace, you get a lot of opportunity here, It’s good to see apprentices grow and learn.

Have knowledge in metal fabrication over 37 years in SA and interstate, I like the challenges, you have to have a challenge!  I’ve previously worked Holdens, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Horwood Bagshaws & shopping centre extensions. I have lots of different fab experience and I had done work for Bowhill Engineering projects previous to employment through other engineering companies.

Outside of work, you will find me riding my Harley nitrate, I enjoy a drink, sea fishing, overseas travel and relaxing.


  • Production
  • People & Culture
  • Compliance

Jarrad Woodward

Apprentice Team Leader

I started at Boweng in 2017 as a material handler until I was offered the opportunity to take on a metal fabrication apprenticeship in 2018. I am now in my 4th year and have recently stepped into the apprentice team leader role. I enjoy the fast paced environment of Boweng and the opportunities to continue to learn, grow and diversify my skill set. I throughly enjoy working with some close mates, learning new skills and  helping all the apprentices take the next step into becoming a tradesman.

My favourite project so far is the flinders link bridge. I was involved with the project from early stages learning fabrication and technical welds. It was great learning about the curvature and new tricks of the trade.

Outside of work I enjoy family time with you wife Sophie and my two beautiful daughters Lyla and Elsie. I love travelling and anything sport related.


  • People & Culture
  • Production
  • Compliance

Leigh Tobin

STF Team Leader

I started at Boweng in 2019 as an Abrasive Blast Operator in the Surface Treatment Facility.   Not having a background in either blast or paint, I have definitely had a quick period of growth and am proud to be the Surface Treatment Team Leader. I have definitely developed a passion for blast and paint, enjoy providing a quality product, like getting the job done, seeing the end finished product and have everything looking mickey mouse!

I enjoy coming to work where you’ve got a job that you can be proud of, people see your work every day, and you can say you were involved in that work.  I tell it how it is, with no fuss and I seem to get respected for this.

Outside of work I enjoy anything on the river; camping, trips away, going bush with mates.


  • STF Organisation – Work Prioritisation, Team Member Coordination
  • STF Maintenance – Programmed, Non-Programmed, Continuous Improvement

Ben Quinn

WHSE Coordinator

I have recently started in a newly created role as WHSE Coordinator at Bowhill Engineering, after spending 16 years in the Grain Industry. It has been a big change for me and a challenge that I am thoroughly enjoying.

I have a young family and my Boweng story started in 2021 when I was looking for a career change that would get my work/life balance back to where it needed to be whilst still feeling challenged and energized to thrive.

My experience in leadership and management has given me the tools and knowledge to work effectively with all employees at Boweng. What I am really looking forward to is building on our already strong safety systems and culture to sit alongside our very high-quality workmanship.

A big factor that drew me to Bowhill Engineering was the family first value, and the reputation it has upheld in the local and broader community regarding this. Whilst in a very fast paced, cutthroat environment, the ability to acknowledge and celebrate small personal milestones and achievements shows how committed Boweng is to their employees. Their commitment to supporting local communities and employing locals to keep these communities alive is something I have a lot of respect for and look forward to being a part of for many years to come.

Outside of work, I am a sports nut and l am currently heavily involved in my local football club and love a hit of golf with my mates. Family and friends are massive to me and I absolutely love spending time with my wife and two daughters weather it be camping, water skiing or enjoying quality time at home.


  • WHSE Compliance
  • Hazard Committee Chairperson
  • Maintenance & Servicing

Our History

Bowhill Engineering is a multi-generation, family-owned and operated business that has been giving Australian businesses the edge since the early 1970’s. Back then, it was a small rural machinery maintenance, repair and modification workshop run by Brendon and Averil Hawkes that built its reputation by putting clients first and always saying ‘yes’ – no matter what the challenge.

This approach was instilled in their two sons, Jeremy and Simon, who helped the business evolve into steel fabrication and construction in the early 1990’s. Today, Bowhill Engineering continues to be proudly family run and continues to provide the same commitment to its clients, who have expanded into industries including mining, water, defence and commercial building, turning it from a local SA success story into an Australia-wide industry benchmark. The business now operates an impressive modern facility in Bowhill and has worked on some of Australia’s most notable and complex projects – but still considers its services to the local community as its most important work.

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Our Work

We’ve been doing this a really long time and have the runs on the board to prove it.
Take a look at where we’ve serviced our clients ~ Australia wide.

How We’re Spoken About

Professional Honest and Local     |   They fabricate even difficult steelwork accurately  support me in my business | Strong business ethics and culture  Business striving for excellence and to have a genuine point of difference in the market |  Integrity…  High level of care | This is a professional South Australian business with acan-doapproach to contracting.  They don’t just say they “can-do” – they deliver on their promises.  Because service and quality is exemplary  Reliable strong business  | Adaptable and accommodating | A lean company that provides a good product at a competitive price | Experience shows that the company has a commitment to quality outcomes and consistency  Quality service, competitively priced, good customer service. | The work is good and we like the customer support  |Jeremy is good to deal with  | Proven performance regarding quality and timelines. Approachable and a can do problem solving attitude. | Have had quite a few years’ experience working with the team at Bowhill and understand the company philosophy | sort of family type atmosphere, have a go at unusual projects  Commercially competitive and good quality systems  Fabrication and Protective Treatment capabilities are of a high standard.  The company has completed and delivered numerous projects in the past of a good – to high quality finish. | Detailed structural work knowledge | Designed constructability Solution approach  | Quality Products and easy to work with | fast, reliable, organised |   Competency and co-operative spirit  Ability to undertake varied projects with solid engineering knowledge and excellent quality |   We have always found Jeremy [and Boweng] proficient, straight forward and efficient to work with/for