Jodie Hawkes

CFO, Company Secretary

– Strategy | Financial Performance | People & Culture | Compliance | Business Development

“I started at Bowhill back in 2002 after working in accounting for a number of years.

You would probably describe me as ridiculously organised and a little OCD, because I love getting the job done and I’m obsessed with staying focused to ensure all goals and objectives are met.

My favourite parts of the job are making new innovations happen without too much red tape, and seeing staff evolve from “just doing” their work to making a huge contribution.

My favourite project by far is building ferries, built by locals for locals.

My strengths as CFO lie in systemising tasks, creating policies and procedures and getting new innovations implemented. Despite working in construction for 15 years now I’m still on a steep learning curve, but what I do learn, I convert to work instructions, to help the next generation coming through.

Outside of work I’m all about having adventures with the 4 kids and volunteering in our community.”