Leigh Tobin

STF Team Leader

STF Organisation – Work Prioritisation, Team Member Coordination | STF Maintenance – Programmed, Non-Programmed, Continuous Improvement

I started at Boweng in 2019 as an Abrasive Blast Operator in the Surface Treatment Facility.   Not having a background in either blast or paint, I have definitely had a quick period of growth and am proud to be the Surface Treatment Team Leader. I have definitely developed a passion for blast and paint, enjoy providing a quality product, like getting the job done, seeing the end finished product and have everything looking mickey mouse!

I enjoy coming to work where you’ve got a job that you can be proud of, people see your work every day, and you can say you were involved in that work.  I tell it how it is, with no fuss and I seem to get respected for this.

Outside of work I enjoy anything on the river; camping, trips away, going bush with mates.