Jarrad Woodward

Apprentice Team Leader

People & Culture | Production | Compliance

I started at Boweng in 2017 as a material handler until I was offered the opportunity to take on a metal fabrication apprenticeship in 2018. I am now in my 4th year and have recently stepped into the apprentice team leader role. I enjoy the fast paced environment of Boweng and the opportunities to continue to learn, grow and diversify my skill set. I throughly enjoy working with some close mates, learning new skills and  helping all the apprentices take the next step into becoming a tradesman.

My favourite project so far is the flinders link bridge. I was involved with the project from early stages learning fabrication and technical welds. It was great learning about the curvature and new tricks of the trade.

Outside of work I enjoy family time with you wife Sophie and my two beautiful daughters Lyla and Elsie. I love travelling and anything sport related.