Michael O’Malley

Quality Supervisor

I started my Metal Fabrication Apprenticeship at Bowhill Engineering back in 2008, since then I have completed my Apprenticeship, been at Boweng over 13 years, and taken on a variety of different roles during this time, this has given me a great background into the path of the Quality Supervisor role.

Quality has always been a passion of mine and it makes sense this is the right path for me. Having pride in my own work and attention to detail is something that I really want to impart on the apprentice group & ensure it continues to grow as a strength of Bowhill Engineering’s team & projects delivered. Growing up in Bowhill, I’m excited to see this company thrive, what it has done to date has been impressive and I look forward to helping that trend continue.

Outside of work, you’ll find me spending time with my wife and two young kids, spending time with mates, playing football, or having a hit of golf.