Samantha Krollig

HR Manager

Recruitment | People & Culture | Compliance

“I’ve been with Bowhill for 10 years and my job is to basically keep everyone happy!

My biggest strength is having a great eye for knowing how the workforce is feeling and bridging the gap between management expectations and employee requirements. I’m really proud of the unique family atmosphere we’ve been able to build and I love working with a great group of people who all get along well.

My favourite Bowhill project is Wayville Bridge; my boys call it “Mums Bridge”. Not only does it look fantastic but being in our home state it is something to be proud of and show friends, and when people ask what we build they know this bridge and say wow, we didn’t know you built stuff like that! Travelling with the team to the opening was an amazing experience as well, seeing the end project was extremely satisfying and humbling to know that as a group we achieved this amazing result.

My home life is all about spending time with family and friends, following kids sports locally and supporting my local community.”