Here at Bowhill Engineering, we are continuously auditing & reviewing to ensure we maintain a high quality standard for our clients. We have and use precise procedures & ongoing supervision from our Welding Supervisor as well as consistent quality inspections. With our new employees or apprentices, we ensure that they understand the ‘why’ behind quality, safety & environment and have the opportunity to ask questions.

When clients arrive to our site, they are surprised to see the level of project compliance. From their on-site inspections, the client builds trust with us knowing that we can supply what they have envisioned. Upon completing a project, the final documentation is compiled and it’s a pleasure to know that the client is going to receive a report that is up to standard and complies with their requirements. You know you’ve done your job when you receive the ‘green tick’ of approval from the client.

Our project team are united with the same goal of delivering the highest quality product, no matter the challenges. We bring together varying skillsets to collaboratively work together to drive continuous improvement. As per our core values, we place great emphasis on integrity, “we do what we say we are going to do”. We then work in with our clients and their requirements to ensure that the work we deliver complies with specifications, with Bowhill Engineering’s point of difference being working smarter together with clients to create an environment of “win before you start”.

‘Trusting the process’ we’re able achieve this to find positive solutions. Within the team, everyone has their strengths, but it’s using their strengths to our advantage and growing as a team (with support, training & mentoring) where there is weakness. We do like to have regular check-ins within the team to ensure everyone has had a chance to provide their perspective, ideas & innovation as well as getting an insight as to how their workload is travelling.

We keep a close working contact with our with suppliers to ensure that procurement meets the requirements for the project. If there is something that we are unsure of, we consult with our suppliers/ testing authorities to build knowledge on any specific requirements and how we can achieve these requirements

As a whole team, we have consistent annual audits to ensure quality requirements are met and achieved to a high standard. But we are always looking to the next accreditation that may open the next door for us

Our overall goal, from the start-up stage of the project through to end completion, we like to move seamlessly – without delays, whilst being thorough. We want the client to be proud to have Bowhill Engineering build a great product with them.

Article By

Jeremy Hawkes
Managing Director