Demi has been with Bowhill Engineering nearly 5 years, she started as a Trainee Receptionist and has advanced into the Projects Team, being a strong contributor who is great at Systems & Procedures.  Her role includes running the administrative processes of our Projects Team. 

From Document management & compliance requirements, to Progress Claims and Cashflow Forecasting, she has a varied role that requires detailed accuracy.  Demi has a great work ethic and I felt she would be a great candidate for the ARLF Leadership Program, hopefully adapting the new skills learned, not only into our Project Team, but into the wider rural community as well as her fiancee’s family farm.

Jodie Hawkes
CFO – Bowhill Engineering

Demi attended a 5 day Leadership Program run by ARLF (Australian Rural Leadership Foundation)

Drought Resilience Leaders Program – March & April 2022

I didn’t know what I was walking into with this training. Was it do to with farming, climate, leadership – then how was this all going to tie into working at Bowhill Engineering? Was this a path that I was ready and capable for?

Our group was a diverse range of people that came from different backgrounds, wide range of ages and everyone had a different reason as to why they were attending.

I was one of those people that were following my nose to see where this was heading.

After a few months of intense training and wondering how I was going to remember everything, I walked out with a wider range of knowledge within leadership, farming, resilience, climate change and made huge personal development.

I was expecting to be walking out with a manual of ‘how to be a leader’, ‘what makes a leader’ and ‘this is how it’s done’.  Except I walked away with a bible full of knowledge of tips & tricks on leadership, how to be mentally healthy & where I can help in the community. Without even knowing, within a few weeks, I had noticed changes within myself & when speaking to others. Our brains & bodies work in a remarkable way.

Being a socially awkward person, I wasn’t sure how I would go. But we were all in the same boat, and we made the most of it.

To my surprise, I slotted in well. These people were similar to me, as most of them had come off a farm, working extremely hard for their families and just want to give something back.

In the short amount of time that this program went for, we certainly covered a lot!

  • Leadership dynamics
  • Resilience
  • Systems & structures
  • Stress & how to manage
  • Storytelling
  • Mental health
  • Identity, habits & behaviours.

This leadership program has given me huge personal development to now put into my workplace & community. My mind is thinking slower, clearer and is asking more questions

As a leader, it is important to have an open mind in any situation. It’s about taking a breath before responding and asking ‘why’.

This program has given me a broader look into how to be a leader in the workplace & within the community. It has given me an insight into individual identity, values & beliefs and why they are the way they are & why they are important. It also gave me plenty of tips & tricks when handling stress and noticing the signs of when it’s getting a bit much.

Article by

Demi Marston