Demi Marston

Project Administration

Project Setup | Project Financials | Project Completion including MDR Compilation

I started my career at Bowhill Engineering in 2017 as a Trainee Receptionist before I moved into the Project Office late 2018 as one of the Project Assistants. I have had to learn quickly in this role and develop an understanding of ‘what, how & when’. There is something new to learn every day; whether its project related, systems & procedures or a new addition on our project database. This job certainly keeps me on my toes but I enjoy the challenge.

Boweng has a great feel – everyone is treated as family. We all work together as a team to produce the best outcome that we can be proud of. I believe we have certainly shown this in our work on many bridges that we have constructed – Darlington, Flinders Link & R2P; to name a few.

I love living on the farm, so when I’m not working, you’ll usually catch me out in the horse paddock doing something in the dirt, while my partner is out in his tractor seeding or harvesting.