We all know finding great employees is challenging, at Bowhill Engineering not only are we focused on finding great employees to join our team, we believe retention of these great employees is key in business success and deserves just as much focus.

We want every employee to enjoy coming to work, to feel valued, secure, maintain a healthy work/life balance, and to have a sense of purpose greater than their work.

We know employees are looking for more from their employer now more than ever… at Bowhill Engineering, we strive to deliver more than the average employer and that’s why our retention rate remains high in industry standards.

It’s the workplace facilities, the sense of enjoyment created via work social events, the sense of achievement through positive feedback and seeing the completed project in real life, it’s the communication from individual morning team huddles to monthly all-staff meetings, it’s the opportunities for growth through workforce development, it’s reward and recognition providing great wage rates with bonus opportunities.  It’s the trust, respect & ownership we place in our team, the value of family, health, and work that sees our employees, their families, and our community thrive, that makes our team strong, recruitment easier and our retention even better.

Uncertain times can become the greatest driver of change, and as we have navigated our way through these times, we as an employer, have become greatly aware that employees, like Bowhill Engineering, have taken this time of change & uncertainty to review what’s important to them.

It’s important for an employer to share the same or similar core values to align with their employees and we see this in our recruitment and retention – integrity, courageous, collaboration, and unity.  These are the values that make long-term employees, these are Bowhill Engineering’s values.

It’s not about hiring to fill a role, it’s finding the right person to fit our culture and our team, who shares the same drive and can see the big picture in that what we are achieving as a company, helping us transform our communities and our people by optimising and building structures that matter.

At Bowhill Engineering, we are always looking for gaps and growth opportunities and what better ways to fill these, then the people you already have. Offering growth opportunities within our team, has increased our retention rate, increased our skillset as a team and greatly increased our team’s work and life satisfaction.

We put a great deal of effort into our onboarding of employees, we truly believe that the right start is integral to an employee’s success and retention. We want people to feel part of the team from day one, to feel valued and to have a clear path to success with a support system around them.   Our focus on this and in providing our employees with the big picture focus, we believe has been integral in ensuring the retention of our employees for the long term.

The true answer to employee retention is to look at why employees stay with their employer – stability, reward and recognition, respect, wellness benefits, healthy work/life balance, positive feedback, opportunities for growth, trust, inclusion in business, team connection, great workplace facilities, opportunities for leave, great wage rates with bonus opportunities

I have been at Bowhill Engineering for 14 years, and there’s quite a few here who have been here just as long, what’s the secret? For me, it has been the ability to raise my family through work/life balance, attend those special events like sports day while they kids are young, it’s been security in work provided through the many open conversations the company has with its employees.  It’s the facilities & the general workplace, the fact that I love my job and the people I work with.  Its been the opportunities for growth, the sense of achievement and having pride in who I work with, knowing the Bowhill Engineering’s values align with mine.

Samantha Krollig