For any business to grow or survive, they need good people


What drives a business to success is not the best facility, management, nor big contracts. It is, and will always be, people. Team players who are settled and committed to what we do. And we are looking for them.
We at Bowhill Engineering, are a company that specialises in fabrication of structural steel. In an increasingly competitive and high-stakes infrastructure game, we need A grade boilermakers to be part of our team.

You might be asking, what’s our definition of “A Grade” boilermakers?


What we are looking for is unconsciously competent and settled tradespeople who are knowledgeable, capable, reliable, and consistent. They are also proud providers of high standards and have an innate drive to better themselves and others.

Our workplace fosters the type of environment these “A Graders” want. We have projects that challenge your skills. We hold each other accountable, whilst having each other’s backs. We are all “A Graders” but above all, we are a team.

Why Choose Bowhill?

We are country people. We are hardworking, committed, trustworthy, and focused on improvement.

Bowhill Engineering is a growing company. We are driven to grow, teach and develop people on all levels. This is our point of difference and we live our values of Integrity, Collaboration, Courage and Unity. We build complex steel structures, “complexity done excellently”. We challenge ourselves to focus on this niche market, one that most other fabricators are too wary to touch. But to us, it is our comfort zone; we enjoy the constant challenge and ongoing learning.

Even our apprentice programs reflect our drive to improve people and also offers the A Grade tradesman an opportunity to teach. What we offer is different. You will have to work hard, you may find it challenging, but you will find it rewarding working for an employer that supports and challenges you. All of these whilst getting to work on landmark infrastructure and mining projects for top-end clients across the country.

Our growth together

Through our strategic plan, we will be growing. We will need to hire approximately 15 additional boilermakers between now and 2026 (around 2-4 per year).

At the same time, we will also grow 10 tradesmen through our apprentice program. The flow on effect from this growth will be opportunities, including team leaders and workshop foreman roles.

What we are looking to build at Boweng is a culture of driven, skilled people, working in a trusted team environment towards the common goal, “Together We Thrive”.

If you are limited, unchallenged by your current work, or just driven enough to want challenging projects, know that Bowhill Engineering is a place that may hold the key.

We would love to have you onboard!

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