Project Description

Built Environs | 2002

Bowhill Engineering was contracted to take part in this project in November of 2001. The scope of the job included: Structural steel for the Bastion wing, including demolition beams skylight frames, two stair flights and support steel for new suspended slabs etc.

Detailed shop drawings, fabrication, surface treatment, transportation, and erection of approximately 200t of steel.

Erection involved complex and involved procedures where the structural engineer was involved with floor slab loadings etc as the demolition beams (beams installed so that penetrations could be cut in existing concrete floors) were heavy and needed to be installed inside all floors from the basement to the top floor slab, this involved some lateral thinking and the techniques that we chose to use worked very successfully and helped our client continue work in other areas without interruption.

Because we were working within an existing building there was a lot of site measurements required which we were able to do with our total station measuring equipment.

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