Project Description

Chappell | 2002

The scope of the job included Structural Steel and Metal Works packages for a Visitor Information Centre and two workshops at Rocky River in the Flinders Chase National Park on Kangaroo Island.

Detailed 3 dimensional shop drawings, fabrication, surface treatment, transportation, and erection of approximately 70t of very complex steel.

This project was completed on time and budget, mainly due to the exceptional quality of the shop drawings. The site was surveyed using our total station measuring equipment and the information was then coordinated with the draftsman. The draftsman then altered the actual column to base plate connections to suit the sometimes varying cast in hold down bolt locations (most were out in all 3 dimensions) so that the columns could be installed in exactly the right positions on site with little or no alterations. This kind of system works extremely well and is the ideal solution to ensure that our time on site is reduced to the bare minimum.

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