Project Description

Australian Zircon & Consulmet | 2012

Technical Challenges: Due to the size of the units (6 m wide, 8 m long and 4m in height), the manufacturing methodology had to reflect the awkwardness of moving these units. Assembly and welding procedures were developed around this challenge and the result was a high quality weldment with an efficient cost of manufacture. Bowhill’s location played a huge part in the ease of producing this unit as it was transported in complete segments to the site with no complications.

Coating Details: Coating was specified for use as a water process tank, it had to be able to withstand the elements of salty bore water and the ruggedness that would be expected on the mine site. These tanks were coated with a glass flake epoxy which has good abrasion resistance and corrosion protection properties.

Successful Outcomes: Because of Boweng’s specially designed facilities, the project was delivered in a short timeframe to a high quality level and at a competitive price.

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