Project Description

Civil Bridge and Wharf | 2014

Innovative Methodologies: By fabricating and coating the significant main horizontal deck in one piece, it allowed quick site installation, minimal coating damage and the ability to pre-install the handrail panels off site, ensuring no fit up issues. When it arrived on site the deck assembly was simply lifted into place onto the abutments, saving time money and any inconvenience to our client.

Technical Challenges: Fabricating the components for this structure was only part of the story for this project. The size of the components in the consultants drawings were too large and vulnerable to feasibly move on a public road. Bowhill detailed a well thought out aesthetically sensitive bolted splice between the two vertical mast columns and submitted that proposal to the project engineer for approval. This cooperative approach helped to speed up the process and allowed a timely resolution to keep the project on track.

Coating Details: The preparation to the mast columns and main deck stringers was done in a way that completely smoothed off the welded joints and did not necessitate any filler, this will result in a long lasting coating system that will benefit the principle for many years to come. Bowhill specialise in these types of finishes and have completed them on many previous projects.

Successful Outcomes: Successful Outcomes; The nature of the approach to this project was to minimise site works and provide the best possible quality outcome to the principle. The approach taken by the whole project delivery team has reflected this approach and resulted in a cooperative team and quality structure that is sure to impress.

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