Project Description

Cargill Malt | 2016

“The towers workmanship is impressive and one of the best I have seen. The team should be proud of their workmanship, quality and finish.”

Trevor Turnbull, Engineering Consulting Pty Ltd

Innovative Methodologies – Bowhill having built 2 previous towers at this site have developed a very trusting relationship with Cargill’s design and construction consultants. This allowed a collaborative working arrangement with Bowhill and resulted in the incorporation of some design features that greatly assisted constructability and serviceability/longevity.

Some of the design tweaks included orientation of the handrail and bracing clashes that simplified both items and allowed minimised site work and coating repair.

Another design tweak that was uncovered with our experienced erection contractor Crane Services prior to shop detail finalisation was the location of the column splice. The client’s engineer allowed the positioning of the splice to be 2.1m above the upper platform on the lower half of the tower. With grating, stairs and handrails attached to the tower in fully preassembled modules assembled at ground level it effectively negated the need for EWP use on an already tight site access. The tower lower half could be safely accessed using the permanent platforms/ stairs/ handrails, with columns and bracing bolted by erection staff from the permanent platform at a safe and convenient working height.

Successful Outcomes; Bowhill and their contractors received a glowing testimonial from Cargill’s consultant, stating that the quality of this tower is exceptional and “the best yet”.

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