Project Description

Dolphin Explorer Floating Access System

Client Name: Renewal SA
Year Completed: 2015

Innovative Methodologies: The sequencing of the fabrication and surface treatment operations was done in a very coordinated manner. This included leaving the top shell plate off of the assembly until after the surface treatment was completed in the rest of the assemblies. Even the top shell plate was coated pre-assembly and masked/taped at all of the internal connection points to allow welding without contamination from paint. This methodology would not have been possible without our in-house surface treatment facility and the cooperation between each of the different teams (fabrication/welding and surface treatment).

Technical Challenges: Manufacture of these items was made more challenging by the restricted access inside these modules and the types of work that were required to be undertaken including surface preparation and treatment. Because of the elevated risk to health of this type of activity we took the opportunity to engage a safety consultant. KDF helped us develop a specific safety plan, then they went on to conduct the appropriate training specific to safety plan relevant to this specific project and its intricacies.

Coating Details: Highly scrutinised high build system internal and external surfaces of the large modules, with the addition of cathodic protection. Careful attention to detail to all detailing was paid due to the harsh operating environment (Port River salt water) and the requirement for a warranty on the product.

Successful Outcomes: Safely delivered the project outcomes to the stringent KBR standards.