Project Description

Clipper Ship “City of Adelaide” Limited

Year Completed: 2011

The clipper ship “City of Adelaide” is currently located in Scotland, The project to return the world’s oldest clipper ship, the ‘City of Adelaide’, to Port Adelaide has reached an important milestone with the completion of the base of a giant 100 tonne steel cradle. The completion of the cradle base that will support the clipper during its transport from Scotland to Australia.

Valued at $1 million, the cradle has been jointly donated by over a dozen Adelaide and SA regional firms Bowhill Engineering donating their time and labour to the large Truss frames on the side of the cradle.

Adelaide firms Aztec Analysis and Bown Contracting and Drafting have designed the cradle so that it can be built over multiple South Australian sites, and then shipped to Glasgow in shipping containers for assembly underneath the ‘City of Adelaide’. The clipper and cradle will then be rolled onto a barge for transfer to a deep port, where it will be transferred onto an ocean-going ship for the voyage to Australia.

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