Project Description

Lend Lease | 2013

Innovative Methodologies / Technical Challenges: Mechanical design to allow safe access to the train roof had to be correct. Thorough 3d modelling and inclusion of the client and his engineer to the designs, detail was essential to coordinate a successful outcome. Inclusion of the Hydraulic scope so as to ensure that the structure and mechanical items “talked to each other” proved to be a sound approach. Erection methodology was incorporated into the way the design was developed at detailing stage so that onsite activities were safe, efficient and thorough.

Structure under train tracks in the maintenance pit is obviously heavily loaded and needed a considered approach to welding and independent inspection NDT post welding. Full penetration connections, prequalified procedures, qualified operators, weld mapping, traceability, ITP, MDR are all common fair for Boweng Staff.

Coating Details: 3 coat system, thoughtfully packed for minimal damage during transport to site.

Successful Outcomes: Integration of multiple trades was seamless due to the thorough coordination with our client’s representative and our involvement with the increased scope to include structural, mechanical and hydraulic.

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