Project Description

RJE | 2014

Innovative Methodologies / Technical Challenges : Manufacture methodology was designed for efficiency to benefit our client. This large frame was manufactured at the same cost per m2 as a much smaller frame because of Boweng’s unique facility. This was a huge advantage to our client.

Coating Details: Coating system methodology designed to be safe and efficient, with a coordinated manufacture process between fabrication and surface treatment. This is possible for Boweng in a seamless manner because of the in-house blasting and painting facility situated on the same site as the manufacturing. Staff working in the two areas (fabrication & painting) were able to thoughtfully coordinate each of their actions to benefit each other’s processes, this is extremely difficult for most fabricators to achieve, but hugely beneficial when done well!

Successful Outcomes: Very cost effective outcome for our client, Boweng’s surface treatment facility has been designed around larger components and this 7m wide 23m long and 20+t fabrication was able to be blasted as a “normal” item because of our 8m wide blast chamber!

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