Vicki Hein

Project Administration

I started with Boweng in 2012 as a Receptionist, prior to this I had been working in France and Canada, and on my return to Australia I worked for Telstra. My role at Boweng evolved into project data and analysis and then moving into QA.

I returned to Boweng in 2019 and commenced to do progress claims and QA for projects, in 2020 I went on maternity leave for 12 months after having my son, Curtis. I returned early 2021, to more of an auditing role and put a lot of work into getting CC3 accreditation.

2021/22 I had further maternity leave after having my daughter, Charlotte in September, returning to Bowhill Engineering in August 2022.

In my spare time, I love spending time with family, our dogs, riding my horses and going to the river.