Leveraging Opportunities – How often are you too busy to read that email?

So many of us are time poor, but are we really? Isn’t time the same for everyone?

Finding the GOLD in an industry newsletter or Podcast just may save you time & money tenfold

Hear how I have leveraged multiple opportunities, just because I took the time to read.

Have you heard of the 80/20 rule? Working 20% on your business (rather than in your business), having a strategic approach is one of the most valuable free gifts you can give your business.

Removing yourself from the operational (eyes down) to the strategic (eyes up).
We all get inundated with email newsletters, but do you ever get around to reading them?

Setting aside time for strategic planning, could be as simple as reading an industry newsletter and seeing what trends are out there, hearing what is new or what the common problems may be

It doesn’t matter what the source, having a process that puts the information in an easy to reach location and then periodically spending time accessing this information is important for self-growth

Having an open mindset when reading allows ideas to form, that would normally get pushed aside; too expensive, not enough time, that’s way to outrageous!

Challenging yourself to different media (newsletters, books, podcasts) also brings more variety which allows different neuro-pathways to be formed and opens your mind to new experiences

A significant turning point in Bowhill Engineering’s success journey, was being open to a “Business Review” by Entrepreneurs Programme (formerly Enterprise Connect) a Federal Government assistance package.

Reading about this opportunity through Business SA, the review identified strengths and weaknesses in our business, we were then able to leverage funding to help us.

It was identified that our business’s strengths included our robust systems and procedures, we were able to leverage an identified strength and apply for 50/50 funding. This enabled us to become ISO9001 Quality, ISO45001 Safety & ISO14001 Environment accredited.

Our clients loved this as it gave them certainty about our ability to be compliant, we began to win more work!

From this we were able to leverage: a Digital Connectivity review; receive 50/50 funding for 8 staff to go through a Cert IV in Competitive Manufacturing Systems (Lean); a Joint Venture Agreement with our sub-contractors; Cloud based IT and more recently the Energising Bowhill Project – a $1.3m jointly funded Federal, State & Local Government project to underground the power and unlock growth potential at Bowhill Engineering.

Only a few weeks ago, via email (that I had originally left go unread for several weeks!!!) I read from AusIndustry that we are again eligible for the Entrepreneurs program, initially thinking this isn’t for us, we’ve done this before, by taking a few minutes and reading a bit more, I discovered we are eligible to create a Growth Roadmap, of which would attract up to $20k in dollar-for-dollar funding as 5 years had passed since our last review.

By having a pre-conceived idea, that “this isn’t for me” I nearly missed the opportunity for $20k in funding… how many times may this have happened over the past years?

I run a rule in my Outlook that moves all these newsletters & briefings to a separate folder

I delve into this folder… at the most unique times; whilst having a pedicure, when on hold to Telstra, when the Ad’s are on TV, waiting at the Doctors, whilst waiting for the school bus – 80% I delete, but with the 20%, just occasionally I find the GOLD, which makes it all worthwhile.


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