Driven Leaders for Purposeful Growth

Over the years, Bowhill redefined itself internally to develop a Cohesive Leadership Team.

We believe that leaders with aligned values and a unified purpose, will increases productivity. The perfect recipe to grow sustainability and profitably.

Having leaders driven for growth, we created a culture and environment where everyone will keep surpassing their current selves, personally and professionally.

At Bowhill, everyone starts their journey of discovering purpose, values, and beliefs.

Being in the right place can help you reach more and be more in your career and life. Get inspiration and motivation from those around you, as you work with a group of professionals. Having unity with the purpose of delivering excellence in everything we do, whilst having each other’s backs. This, undoubtedly, generates the best outcomes and satisfying fulfilled performance

Our Values and Our Community

We at Bowhill welcome changes and stepping up the ladder for a more profound Leadership Team to achieve what we deem our “Big Hairy Audacious Goal” (BHAG).

We are currently recruiting the best and aim to grow our team to 140 workers. It sounds daunting, but breaking it down to 1 new staff member per month seems achievable. It feels achievable, because our team is now aligned and focused on the same goals. Small continuous steps, identifying what each person’s goals are in 90-day segments.

Defining our purpose helped us understand that HR & Recruitment didn’t just sit with the HR Coordinator. To be able to achieve our strategic goals, we all need to be aligned and in agreement.

“Together We Thrive” aren’t just words to me, it’s part of my soul.

Together We Thrive helps us understand that without ensuring existing staff are engaged and satisfied, new staff can only thrive if we set them up for success. All leadership team members are now accountable for supporting this strategy, we each have a role to play.

As our team went through the Strategic Planning process, it was important to ensure that what we were agreeing to, as a business, had to 100% resonate with me as an individual.

We want to ensure that all staff felt secure in their roles and that they could see a pathway for their own growth opportunities. Aiming for success and working for better revenue shouldn’t be at the detriment to time spent with family. Company profit shouldn’t be at the detriment of supporting local business.

“Together We Thrive” Means Having Conversations That Matter

As important as it is to know and define your own purpose, I’ve learned recently that it’s as important for those around you to know and understand as well.

When I talk about sustainable work/life balance, I’m not just referring to myself. This also includes everyone in the company. Our leadership would never intentionally make a decision that adversely affects others. If somehow this happened, we would encourage them to chat with us, so we could be aware and resolve it.

“Together We Thrive” Extends To Community

Bowhill cares not only about the growth of our little town. Whenever we speak of a thriving community, this includes the communities and clubs that the staff are a part of and passionate about – Our Community isn’t a particular location, it’s what’s in our heart.

Good collaboration means getting stuff done, together.

We always support the charities and projects that are nearest and dearest, whether it be Dry July, Movember, or Sids for Kids. It’s not just sharing what we have but caring about what’s important to them.

Together We Thrive, it just fits, it gives me peace, clarity and satisfaction.

Together We Thrive Lives With Its Meaning

Our purpose helps us make decisions; we don’t do anything that doesn’t fit with “Together We Thrive”.

It allows us to empower our staff to make their own choices, which is incredibly important when building the next generation of leaders. We want to enable them to come to us with their solutions, not just their problems. This equals sustainability within the business, passing the baton onto the future leaders.

Moreover, when it comes to developing your Strategic Plan or Purpose, we never pretend to know or have all the answers by ourselves. We learned to be wise enough to know that extra help is required.

This has been one of my greatest strengths in helping our business to grow. If our staff aren’t aligned with the same purpose, then maybe expectations are also misaligned. It becomes increasingly apparent why staff are no longer engaged when they are not aware of the purpose and vision they are working for, if not for yourself, then do it for your staff.

Purpose and Growth in Bowhill

Pulling in the right people at the right time to leverage their skills & knowledge to advance our business. Have faith that this process is important enough to invest both time & money in.

We keep reminding ourselves to be grounded and aware by always asking what is our real purpose?

Do my staff know what our purpose is?

Are we living our values or are they just words on a page?

How is my purpose & values integrated within our business systems?

Can our staff tell us stories that resonate with our purpose & values?

Bowhill Engineering delivers and thrives with the help of our vision. Having a unified goal, “Together We Thrive”, is more than just guiding us to increase business growth, but how to be a purposeful employer who supports and delivers continuous growth in every employee and the community we are in and care about.

Author Jodie Hawkes – CFO