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social club

“The harmony throughout the whole company comes from a balance between our family life and work. This balance is actively promoted by management at all levels.”

The social interaction of BowEng staff in a casual environment has always been an important and fun way of getting to know each other on a different and more relaxed level. Over the 5+ years that the social club has been operating we have had in excess of 30 events, all of them memorable and enjoyable.

The Club is made up of staff members, all decisions and direction is set by these members and their input helps to determine what the next event will be. Over the years there have been some off the wall suggestions, but these have turned out to be the most memorable. Events such as a Billy Cart Race, really got the creative juices flowing from the competitors (staff members) and the local community embraced the event, and turned out in droves to watch the spectacle.

Office holder positions are rotated frequently so this allows opportunities for young or unlikely staff members to gain some valuable experience in running meetings and public speaking in a relatively non-threatening environment.

We all enjoy ourselves and with a mix of event types, times and locations, it allows most people to be involved, most of the time!

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