Specialist fabricators of heavy and complex structural steel.


“We do things for our customer's convenience, not ours”

- Jeremy Hawkes Managing Director

Bowhill Engineering have a proven track record, the many benefits to our clients are enforced by the rock solid reputation that they have built over some 40+ years in business.

project documentation

“Working with clients such as Lend Lease, McConnell Dowell, Bechtel, Raytheon, DPTI and BHBP have seen Boweng build QA systems 2nd to none. Customers love the accuracy, and timeliness of our documentation”

- Jodie Hawkes QA Manager/Director

methodology development

Our wealth of experience, innovative staff, and state of the art software, well equips us to serve our customers with, safe, efficient and synchronized methodologies. ECI type contracts or complex tasks that need “proving” before manufacture are common for Boweng.  3D simulation enables us to electronically trial proposals, identifying the merit from a physical, safety and practical, standpoint.

This impressive project required strong methodology development to maximise build-ability and accuracy.

speed and accuracy

Drafting using Tekla 3D software and the associated free BimSight collaboration software have allowed us to achieve lean manufacture principles and error proofing through all project stages. This results in NC format files (which are developed straight from the project model) being sent via email straight to the steel merchant for CNC processing. Accuracy and speed are huge advantages resulting from this process.

value for money

With a committed stable and experienced workforce (average staff retention rate in excess of 5 years), recruited for their unique skill and experience, we are able to reliably produce structural fabrication components of exceptional quality at competitive market rates. We do this through our lean manufacturing processes as well as utilising SA’s extensive industry supply chain. We manage the potential risks of outsourcing by fostering strong supplier networks and contracts.

This approach is an extremely effective way of achieving an impressive result for all stake holders on a project. Minimization of capital outlay reduces costly overheads, increases our overall capacity and benefits our clients through the resulting low cost structure. This strategic approach allows an impressive quantity of available capability, whilst allowing a nimble structure with diverse skills This ability to be very flexible and adaptable can be applied to many different challenges and industries without compromising our core focus of heavy and complex structural steel.