Specialist fabricators of heavy and complex structural steel.


New Ferry Landings Structures

Client Name: DPTI

Year Completed: 2014

Innovative Methodologies /
Technical Challenges:
Conversion of old imperial, outdated design into a new streamlined design reflective of available modern technologies and processes. Working closely with DPTI staff to present a 3d electronic model with proposed tweaks to the design. This process allowed us to optimise the landings into modern fabrications with steel sections currently available and more efficient design features that allows better fit-up and tolerance without compromising strength. Accuracy of the 3 joining sections and their interacting components is important to ensure that vehicles that cross the landings do not catch on the linking plates and so that heavy vehicles do not overload the structure and cause permanent deformation of any components.

Structural integrity of these units is also important as the Ferry hook up at the completion of each crossing involves a controlled collision of the latch arms onto the landing pins and wear plates. This process places a large degree of importance on structural integrity of connection procedures including fit-up and welding during the manufacture process.

Coating Details: Fully seal welded connections throughout ensure longevity of the glass flake epoxy coating system. This is an important feature as these units are close to water and often become semi-submerged dependent on river levels.

Successful Outcomes: Commonly available sections and efficient modern design processes/features, excellent design considerations towards longevity of coating system so that these new units will bring great long term value to DPTI/Tax Payers for many decades.