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Mindarie Sand Mine, In-pit Miner Feed Unit

Client Name: Murray Zircon

Year Completed: 2013

Innovative Methodologies: Being involved in concept design and engineering, Boweng had the opportunity to design the unit in a way that satisfied all client/operator requirements but also allowed an efficient design from a manufacture and methodology perspective. The extensive use of Tekla and the ability to share the design with all stakeholders with user friendly viewing software allowed a well worked and carefully considered final design.

Technical Challenges: Survey of in-use existing equipment was necessary to ensure that fit up of re-used mechanical equipment was accurately detailed. The concept was based around the actual site requirements and product characteristics, with a high degree of importance placed on maintenance personnel access and product capacity and material flow.

Successful Outcomes: Because of the interactive and collaborative approach taken by Boweng and their design team, the engineer, draftsman and the client, a well worked model was produced and thoroughly scrutinised by all stakeholders with a multitude of different perspectives, without onerous design meetings and travel time etc. Murray Zircon stakeholders are ecstatic with the end result as the new feeder unit is outperforming the existing one by 100% going from some 150-200t per hour average to a consistent 500t per hour with the new unit and virtually no maintenance and cleaning inside the unit. Existing Unit was stripped, new unit was delivered, assembled and commissioned within 48 hrs due to careful attention to detail and good fit up of components both new and exisiting.