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Major & Flaxmill Road Bridge

Client Name: BAJV (Baulderstone Abby Group Joint Venture)

Year Completed: 2013

Innovative Methodologies: Our clients budget for this portion of work was tight and this really did bring about significant innovation on this particular project in order for us to be able to deliver the quality outcome, within budget. Innvoative methods were employed in both the material purchasing phase and the subarc welding process to avoid time consuming manual splice welding and this resulted in an even better quality outcome compared to the standard procedures that are usually employed on items such as these. Transport was another innovative initiative and resulted in a very successful outcome for our clients and for Bowhill Engineering.

Technical Challenges: 32.5m long members are not easy to transport to any site. To minimise traffic disruption and maximise efficiency the decision was made to move all 8 members (total of nearly 80t) to the site in one movement. This saw the design of a purpose built transport and storage cradle to ensue a safe and damage free end result. Cradle had to allow the specific truck trailer combination enough room to reverse under the load, raise the trailer deck under the load and removal of the legs once secured on the trailer. Reverse methodology on site for unloading. Engineering calculations and detailed shop drawings were completed to allow for a smooth and problem free execution of the plan.

Coating Details: Custom designed and built transport/storage cradle minimised the damage to the coating system in the whole of project handling, zero double handling and maximum cure times were possible due to the methodology, this ensured a successful end result.

Successful Outcomes:Delivery occured in a way that allowed our client to directly unload and install the beams at their absolute convenience and without the need to double handle the heavy yet fragile items. It proved to be a safe and efficient methodology of both transport and handling on site due to the reduced number of over size loads on our public roads. There was an added bonus of not having the normal and often difficult coordination of site staff and expensive lifting equipment for unloading of the items upon their immediate arrival on site.