Specialist fabricators of heavy and complex structural steel.


Vehicular Ferry Flaps (Aluminium)

Client Name: DTEI

Year Completed: 2011

Innovative Methodologies: Being a large fabricated item, predominantly from aluminium plate steel components, Bowhill required precision cutting of the materials. Our aluminium supplier provided us with large plate sizes and router cutting of shapes, holes slots etc with a square true and smooth edge. This service made it possible to achieve a very high quality end result and efficient fabrication times.

Technical Challenges: Large fabricated components require significant welding to achieve the shapes needed. Because of the amount of welding involved, distortion of the members is difficult to control. The workshop staff anticipated these distortions and using good fabrication and welding techniques were able to avoid tolerance blowout. The welding of the critical components demanded a high degree of prequalification. Our staff have now achieved AS1665 Category A, a level our NATA Testing authority have never tested to before in SA!

Successful Outcomes:The end result of these flaps is an example of outstanding workmanship. This was possible due to our careful internal organisation, our suppliers exceptional service and the experienced workforce that makes up the Boweng production team.