Specialist fabricators of heavy and complex structural steel.


Lock 15 construction of a Fishway and modification of Navigable Pass

Client Name:McConnell Dowell

Year Completed: 2011 - 12

Scope: S/S fabrication, complex mild steel fabrication, cofferdams, floating pontoons and walkways etc

Technical Challenges: Boweng together with our client McDowell have been able to design and build very effective solutions to complex temporary works such as cofferdams and a floating installation jig for the very long and slender apron straps. Using our modelling software we were able to sort through the methodology issues particularly in relation to the coffer dams and together with our client create a workable solution to the many challenges in dewatering the areas of work.

Successful Outcomes: Because of the nearly 10 years of experience in working on projects just like this one, Boweng have been able to seamlessly produce the required components for the project, along with the extensive temporary works that were necessary to ensure that the project was completed safely and efficiently. A close working relationship has been forged between the McDowell project crew and Boweng’s project participants (managers, and manufacturing representatives).