Specialist fabricators of heavy and complex structural steel.


Alice Springs Aquatic Centre

Client Name: Sitzler Brothers NT

Year Completed: 2010

Scope of Project: Structural steelwork supply, fabricate, surface treat and deliver

Location: Alice Springs

Innovative methodologies: NC pipe profiling of truss steel connections. Pre-cambering to correct heights and load testing before delivery to site.

Technical challenges: Logistics of large sections to remote and distant location. Special load simulation and customised jigs were made to gain efficiencies and control damage to high performance coatings during the delivery phase of the project.

Coating details: 3 coat high build high performance coating system for indoor chlorinated environment. Highly scrutinised application during a difficult time of the year (winter).

Successful outcomes: Coating finish was exceptional with our coating applicator Dion Holland receiving a Dulux Protective Coating Certificate of Excellence for his efforts in applying a tricky system to such a high standard.

Erection team and client very impressed with the accuracy of the steel work and the ease of fit up on site.