Specialist fabricators of heavy and complex structural steel.


“When we work together, we are truly powerful and profoundly effective”.

- Jeremy Hawkes Managing Director

If you want a project to run smoothly and to meet all objectives, you need the right partners on the job!

Bowhill Engineering are the best in the business when it comes to heavy & complex engineering fabrication!

Because we have focused on specialising in the complex engineering arena, we have built our knowledge, skills and resources around absolutely nailing this discipline.

We do things thoroughly, with care, and at all times we display enviable levels of competence.

Our experienced staff, impressive lifting capacity, the size and layout of our surface treatment facility, our unique location and our committed network of premium suppliers all combine seamlessly to cater for these challenging projects.

Whether it be a mining process structure, a large module or component, an intricate curved or complex 3 dimensional shape or a challenging surface treatment system, its an every day occurrence for our talented staff.

We genuinely enjoy working closely with all stake holders on projects and have played a key part in many rewarding outcomes. When the whole project team, that’s the end user, head contractor and subcontractors alike combine their skills, we often achieve awesome results and it stuns everyone.

“We make it a habit to exceed expectations, clients love this about us”.

- Jeremy Hawkes Managing Director